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Can a Vegetarian Diet Be a Natural High Blood Pressure Cure?

There is debate over whether taking on a vegetarian diet is a natural high blood pressure cure or not. Some claim that this is the best way to keep your blood pressure in check, citing reasons that meat is the root cause of high levels. Others say that the effects of eliminating all meat can be just as dangerous and keep your body from receiving the nutrients it needs. Which side is correct: both, to put it simply.

There is evidence for each side of the vegetarian versus meat argument and it comes down to you deciding what is best for your particular lifestyle. Is the vegetarian diet a natural high blood pressure cure? It can be, if you understand the other risks.

There are, essentially, three forms of vegetarian diet. The lacto vegetarian will eat dairy products but not eggs; the ovo vegetarian will eat eggs but not dairy products. And, finally, the vegan diet does not allow either, and even restricts the use of such animal byproducts as honey. Any of these diets can lower blood pressure. They are not, however, always healthy.

By cutting out meat and dairy products, you deprive your body of protein and other vitamins that it needs. This can have serious health effects. When you remove certain foods, you can lose things like iron, vitamin D, zinc, calcium, protein, etc. These are essential to maintaining a healthy body.

Before you adopt a vegetarian diet, in any form, you must consult with your doctor and learn how to get these nutrients without the usual practices of eating meat and dairy. He or she will inform you of the certain vegetables and fruits that can provide them, as well as offer alternatives like vitamin pills and soy products. Lowering your blood pressure will do little good if you are hurting your body in other ways.

Becoming a vegetarian is a life choice and, often, people cannot handle it. Whether this is because they happen to crave meat or can’t get enough nutrition through their selection of fruits and vegetables (such as with pregnant or nursing women, who generally require more than this diet would allow), they fail. Becoming a vegetarian is a radical change of eating and you need to understand that. Otherwise, you may find this type of natural high blood pressure cure impossible to stick with.

First, consult your doctor. Know exactly how high your blood pressure is; this can dictate the steps you need to take to lower it. If it is not too above normal, switching to a vegetarian diet (at least, the more strict vegan form) may be more drastic than needed. Instead, your doctor would simply recommend that you cut back on your meat products and exercise more regularly.

For those who have a blood pressure level that is high, however, this may be the change you need. By combining this and a steady exercise plan, you can lower your level and get yourself healthy. You would have to learn how to maintain this level, though, and it can be a challenge. It cannot be stressed enough, that too many people think making sweeping lifestyle changes are easy because they’re not.

You have to consider your way of life and your attitude towards adopting a meat free diet. That is the only way to know if a vegetarian diet will work for you. Of course, you need more than a vegetarian diet to act as a natural blood pressure cure. Exercise is also an essential part of staying healthy and keeping your blood pressure levels in check.

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