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Eating Celery for High Blood Pressure

There are a number of traditional supplements and foods that impact on the blood pressure in the body.  This article considers eating celery for high blood pressure reduction, and how someone looking to reduce their blood pressure can use this food.

Followers of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) will already know that celery has been used for many years as a method for lowering high blood pressure.

There has also been some recent research carried out that supports this claim.  A study was conducted on animals and it was found that an intake equal to the equivalent of 4 sticks of celery for humans would lower their blood pressure by about 12%.

Now, as with any study, this was carried out in controlled environment, and each person’s reaction to eating celery will be different and results will depend upon their lifestyle and the rest of their diet.

The active ingredient in celery that has this blood pressure reducing effect is called 3-n-butylphthalide, and celery is a rich natural source of this compound.  The phthalide is known to relax the muscles in the arteries that have the job of regulating blood pressure.  This allows the vessels to dilate.

Phthalide is also known to lower the levels of the stress hormones, which are proven to increase blood pressure and cause the blood vessels to constrict.

Celery is also a natural diuretic and when taken in conjunction with a person using high blood pressure medication it can actually improve the effectiveness of the medication.  This can have the added benefit of them being able to reduce the levels of medication they have to take, or go for a medication that is less strong and potentially has less risky side effects. 

In fact, for many centuries now people have not only being eating sticks of celery itself but also taking the oil made from it to reduce high blood pressure levels.

Although oriental medicine practitioners who are treating patients with hypertension or high blood pressure may recommend up to half a pound of celery each day. It is highly suggested that you only eat no more than 4 stalks of celery each day. 

Until that is, the benefits of celery have been further investigated and researched. The warning comes because celery contains sodium, a compound that raises blood pressure, in addition to other chemicals that could potentially be toxic in high doses.

Studies carried out at the University of Chicago into using celery for high blood pressure have shown some astounding results.  They carried out tests on animals and some were fed on celery extracts whilst the others were not.  They were generally fed the equivalent of 2 stalks of celery each day and in those fed the celery it was found that their blood pressure levels went down around 12% - 14% in total, compared to no change in those animals that where given no celery extract.

So, eating celery for high blood pressure is not a definitively proven solution to hypertension, but as part of a sensible, healthy diet and lifestyle it makes sense to further explore how it can help you – But only after consulting your treating physician first.

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One Response to “Eating Celery for High Blood Pressure”

  1. allen01 Says:

    Great article! I check my blood pressure about three times a day with a wrist machine! I will try the celery! Also what do you think about natural herbs? I found a Blood pressure tonic. It has the following ingredients:Linden root, Mistletoe, Dandelion, Passion flower, Hawthorn flower and berry, Siberian, Yarrow flowering tip, Skull cap, and Prickly Ash Bark.

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