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Measuring Blood Pressure Prevention Is Better Than a Cure

When measuring high blood pressure, generally your doctor will use a sphygmomanometer or an automatic monitoring machine. Do not be surprised if your blood pressure is taken on most visits to the doctors, especially if you have an increased risk of developing high blood pressure.

The prevention or early treatment of high blood pressure has been the focus of attention, as it is a condition that can be treated successfully with little or no damage being caused to the patient.  But the longer the blood pressure is abnormally elevated the greater the risk of complications.

The diagnosis of high blood pressure is easy through the use of special equipment like a sphygmomanometer, but there are usually no symptoms of elevated blood pressure so patient will not normally go to the doctors to have the condition looked at.  This is why high blood pressure has been tagged as the “silent killer”.

It is believed that about 30% of the world’s population currently die from cardiovascular disease, and this number is set to rise.  A recent study suggested that there would be approximately 1.56bn people in the world with high blood pressure by 2025.  The main reason for this incredible growth has been attributed to more developing countries adopting a “westernized” lifestyle.

Inactivity, a diet rich in sodium and high in fat, and a stressful lifestyle have all been considered as contributory factors in the increase in numbers of people with elevated blood pressure.

So, blood pressure should be checked on a regular basis to allow the sufferer to take the relevant actions if it is elevated. It is recommended that a person should have their blood pressure measured regularly, with the interval dependent upon some the following risk factors:

  • Age – those over 35 are at a greater risk of having high blood pressure
  • Family history – whether the family has a history of related diseases or conditions, like cardiovascular disease
  • Own medical history – whether they have had previously elevated blood pressure, or had kidney or heart conditions
  • Lifestyle – They are overweight, smoke, have a diet high in sodium or high in fat, whether they do little exercise.
  • Whether the person is pregnant or taking the contraceptive pill.

There are now a number of excellent blood pressure monitors available to use at home, and these can be used to monitor progress as part of any treatment, or just to check blood pressure on a regular basis.

When a doctor looks at a blood pressure reading he will generally categorize the patient into three categories, they are “normal” prehypertentive, and hypertentive.

Someone with normal blood pressure will have a reading of close to 120/80 mmHg. However, it is thought that the lower the blood pressure the better, unless there are complication with low blood pressure symptoms.

Someone who is considered prehypertentive will have a reading of between 120-139 for the top number and 80- 89 for the bottom number.  Both numbers are important and if either one of them shows an elevated figure then it could be a cause for a concern.

The risk of later suffering from hypertension is increased when someone is prehypertentive, so preventative action is generally prescribed at this stage.

If someone shows a persistent reading over 140/90 mmHg then they would be diagnosed as having high blood pressure, or hypertension. Again, both the numbers are important, and if either of them go over the figures shown then there is likely cause for concern.

As long as high blood pressure is caught early, the impacts on the body can be minimized.

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