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Why Diuretic for High Blood Pressure Treatment Works

Treatment with a diuretic for high blood pressure relief works by increasing the amount of water and sodium excreted by the kidneys.

There are various different types of diuretics available and each one works differently, with each diuretic interacting with the kidneys to increase the rate of urine discharge.

Diuretics have become one of the more common medications prescribed for treating high blood pressure.  They are often used in conjunction with other blood pressure medication to amply the effect and bring the blood pressure back to normal levels.

They are also prescribing to patients who have suffered heart failure, or suffer from edema (swelling of the legs due to water retention). 

Diuretics work by encouraging the kidneys to expel water from the blood.  This means that less pressure is being placed on the artery walls, which results in the blood pressure levels reducing.

There are three main types of diuretics and they are generally used in different circumstances, and each one has its own strengths and side effects.

There are also some natural diuretics that are often used by nutritionists, homeopaths and dieticians that have been shown to help people with mild hypertension. Dandelion root, Dried corn silk and parsley are three options often recommended. However, it is important to seek the advice of your doctor to ensure that any natural or alternative treatments being taken do not interfere with medication you may have been prescribed.

Irrespective of the diuretic used, it is important that the medication does not mask the important step of finding out the root cause of your high blood pressure.

There can be a number of reasons for high blood pressure, including a persons lifestyle, their diet, habits (like smoking), and any medication they may be taking.

There are also certain illnesses that can cause hypertension, especially kidney disease, endocrine disease and heart disease.

Also, there has been shown to be a genetic link to blood pressure.  The family history of a sufferer is often investigated to see if any close relatives have suffered from high blood pressure previously.

Identifying the cause of the blood pressure will allow for sensible changes to be introduced to reduce the risk of reoccurrence.

Although taking a diuretic for high blood pressure relief, along with other medicine that you may be prescribed can bring high blood pressure under control, dealing with the root cause of the problem should be your top priority.

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  1. Roy Cook Says:

    I would be interested in finding out more about any associations and remedies for high blood pressure in people with one kidney. I had a kidney removed 30 years ago, and last year was diagnosed with mild hypertension.

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