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What Are the 4 Main High Blood Pressure Symptons?

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It is estimated that a third of those with high blood pressure have never been diagnosed and are unaware of that they have the condition. This is because high blood pressure symptons can be mild, or non-existent, which is one of the reasons that it has been called the “silent killer” 

Unfortunately very few symptoms are likely to manifest themselves until the condition is in its more advance stages of development.  Therefore it is important that those who are especially at risk of developing high blood pressure whether from another medical condition, or through a history of people in the family suffering from it, should ensure that they have their blood pressure checked regularly.

Other groups of people who have an increased risk of high blood pressure include people who are either overweight or considered obese, those that are over the age of 40 and those that suffer with diabetes.

However, if there is no history in your family of a person either suffering from high blood pressure or you do not have any other medical condition that may cause this problem there are other symptoms you should be aware of.  These are as follows:-

1. Headaches and migraines
2. Dizziness and confusion
3. Problems with your vision (generally it becomes blurred).
4. Nosebleeds - If you have never suffered with them before or they have become regular then this should start to raise alarm bells in you.

If you suffer from either one or a combination of these symptoms then it is time that you seek the advice of your doctor or health professional.  Generally within a few minutes of being with your doctor they will be able to confirm whether you are suffering from high blood pressure or not.

Diagnosing high blood pressure is very easy, as it only required a blood pressure monitoring machine. Yet the side effects of high blood pressure listed above can easily be dismissed by the sufferer as unimportant and lead the to the problem becoming worse or causing further damage to a person’s health.

However, about 1% of all patients who have high blood pressure will discover that it rises very quickly.  In this case they are usually suffering from what is called “malignant hypertension” and this can a life-threatening problem and should be treated with the utmost urgency. Thankfully it is quite rare.

Those people who suffer regularly with high blood pressure which can not be controlled or have a history of heart problems, especially heart failure are at a higher risk of suffering malignant hypertension. Anyone who suffers with this and finds that they become drowsy or confused, that they have headaches, they feel sick or nauseous and they are losing their vision then they should make arrangements to see their doctor immediately.

It is important that in this day and age, when high blood pressure is almost at epidemic proportions, people are made more aware of high blood pressure symptons so they may get the right diagnosis as soon as possible and not leave it until it is too late. 

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2 Responses to “What Are the 4 Main High Blood Pressure Symptons?”

  1. Tejbir Singh Says:

    How, a person having diagnosed with high BP, should take certain preventive measures to keep control on it. Can you suggest some simple ways which one can practise and keep high BP under check.


  2. Paul Says:

    Hello Tejbir -

    There are many posts on this blog that will be able to help you out. If you click on “Blood Pressure Reduction” under categories it will list around 50 articles that go over different methods to reduce Blood Pressure.

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